Our work together was literally life changing.

As a business woman and mother of three my life looked pretty perfect from the outside. But I felt something was missing. Mary-Michael helped me find meaning and purpose in my life. She helped me discover so many things about myself and understand the different ways I was holding myself back. I have had a major shift in the way I think and approach my career, my life, and my relationships. 

Suzanne T. Marketing and Sales Consultant

I've made big changes in the last year. Could not have done it without you!

I felt so stuck and like my life was going nowhere. Thank you for helping me realize it’s never too late to change. You’ll be happy to know I finally quit my job, got my certification and I’m doing work that makes me proud. I’m finally doing something meaningful and helping others. None of this would ever have happened without you. You’re awesome! Thank you.

Marley M. Entrepreneur and Aspiring Writer.

Mary-Michael brings a wealth of experience and empathy to her coaching.

She has helped me take great leaps forward in understanding, and created safe space to name the goals that have the most heart meaning, and craft a path to achieve them. I felt her compassion, along with her encouragement, as she challenged me to look at my existing beliefs, re-set old behaviors into new and healthier ones, and to feel my own power to make change. I'm grateful for the work we accomplished together and look forward to calling her again when I need to put new goals into action. 

Denise V. Program Director and College Instructor.

Thank you for the guidance and support.

What an amazing journey I've had. Your approach was inspirational, powerful. You really helped me see how I'd been holding myself back, especially at my job. But the changes, or I should say the growth I've gone through in the last 6 months have also had a very positive impact on my home life. Like you said, it's all connected.

Maureen L. Senior Director of Marketing. 

I can't believe I did it!

After thirty years of being a nurse, making a major life change in my 50s was the hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever done (aside from having and raising children). Working with Mary-Michael helped me gain the clarity I needed to get out there and start doing what I wanted to do. Honestly, for the first time in my life, I’m doing what I want and what I am deeply passionate about. I'm so excited for my future!! Thank you. 

Phyllis R. Empty-nester, Nutritionist and Health Advocate.

Your support, encouragement, humor and direction were priceless.

I can’t thank you enough. I needed a kick in the pants and you were it! I learned so much about myself. You helped me realize what I needed to do to get my act together. You gave me the tools I needed. I could not have done this without your help and guidance. 

Caroline J. Nonprofit Director.

I have been working with Mary-Michael for over a year.

She has been my touchstone and guide through some really difficult and challenging times. Her insights and humor helped me keep my head above water as I went through an ugly divorce and major career change. Working with Mary-Michael helped me stay focused and on track while dealing with career and personal stress. It was rough but I came through, don't think I could have done it without you. 

Sandra B. Financial consultant.


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