Here you are in the middle of it.

You’ve worked hard, had a career (or two), a marriage (or two), raised the kids (or maybe not). Life’s been pretty good.

You're going live an average of 34 years longer than your great grandparents.

What are your plans for the next phase of your life?

Mid-life is your opportunity to re-discover yourself. Now's the time to re-evaluate where you've been

Play it safe and continue on as you have been.

There’s nothing wrong with that choice, as long as you’re happy.

But if you’re not happy.

If you need something more to satisfy your soul.

If you’re worried time is getting away from you.

It's time to re-evaluate and make some changes.

What’s Mid Life Reboot all about?

Six 60-minute private one-to-one coaching sessions via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

Accountability: part of my work is to hold you accountable to the objectives and goals you decide upon and the work you agree to do. In this process I am part cheerleader and task-master. Change won’t happen until you take action.

Fun, meaning and self-discovery: customized assignments designed to help deepen your work throughout the coaching process. Assignments build upon one another, should be completed prior to session, as they will be discussed. Each assignment can take between 30-60 minutes to complete. Only one assignment is given at a time.

Goals: aligned with your core values and personal strengths. During the program you will chose learn to set sustainable and attainable goals.

Resources: (recommended books, links to videos, podcasts, suggested readings, etc.) targeted to reinforce your progress during our time working together.

Skills and tools: break away from limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and negative thinking.

Strategies: identify and overcome potential obstacles (internal or external) you may face when implementing change(s).

Support: (via email) to answer your questions, address concerns, offer support and ensure accountability.

Extra email support: for seven days (beginning the day after your last lesson) you can contact me via if you have any questions.


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