Overwhelm, procrastination, indecision, confusion, negative thinking and self-talk, not showing up, poor boundaries, drama, lack of self-discipline, numbing out with food, alcohol, Netflix or Facebook are all forms of self-sabatoge.

Self-sabatoge keeps you small. Self-sabatoge allows you to avoid the real issue: change. Change is hard, scary and uncomfortable. You play it safe. You wait for circumstances to change. You wait for others change.

What really needs to change is you. And you need to take action. Inspired, focused and clear action.

I offer a range of options with my coaching packages. We can work together for one, four, eight or twelve 60-minute sessions.

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Walk Your Path is designed for women who are at a crossroads. Whether it's professional or personal you need to make an important decision, but don't know which direction you should take.

Over the course of five private, one-to-one 60 minute sessions you will be guided toward greater clarity. To help facilitate the process you will receive the Walk Your Path workbook which consists of fun, creative and thoughtful weekly assignments to help you along your journey.

Defining your core values and personal strengths, creating self-empowering thought patterms, exploring possibilities, evaluating options, strategizing about potential obstacles, setting goals and creating a practical and sustainable Action Plan will be covered during the program.

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You’ve worked hard, had a career (or two), a marriage (or two), raised the kids (or maybe not). Life’s been pretty good. So, what do you have planned for the next phase of your life?

Mid-Life Reboot is a structured coaching program consisting of seven private, one-to-one  60 minute sessions designed to get you thinking deeply about and strategically about the next stage of your life. This program is for women who want to design and create a spectacular Second Act. 

Nobody lies on their death bed wishing they had worked longer hours, lost that extra ten pounds or purchased a pair of Louboutins! We regret the things we didn't do and mid-life is the time to do it!

Mae West said it best, "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

I want to know your what you want to do. I want to hear about your plans for making the remaining years, the best years. 

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